Here you will find all sorts of information about the Bath-Alkmaar link, and activities being supported by BATA - the Bath-Alkmaar Twinning Association

BATA's role is to encourage links between our two cities, to enrich the lives of both communities: things like exchange visits & joint initiatives by schools, sports clubs, civic and arts organisations, and business. 

Through our regular social activities we also act as meeting point for all Dutch people who have made their home in and around Bath, and for anyone locally who has an interest in the Netherlands.

Why Bath & Alkmaar? The story behind the Bath - Alkmaar link is inspiring (click here for the full story). We are currently celebrating 70 years of friendship between our communities, working with our Dutch equivalent, the Alkmaars Uitwisselings Comité.

Support our work: We are entirely voluntary: become a supporter and help us keep our valuable link alive: (click here for a supporter/member application form). You can also make a donation to support our activities.

Get in touch: If you'd like more information, contact one of the committee members or use the contact form.